Kenfig Nature Reserve

Another lovely bright day today, so I took advantage of the sun whilst we have it to go on a late afternoon walk around Kenfig Nature Reserve. It's right down the road from where I work, but I'd never been before, I had no idea it was even there.

Briton Ferry

I joined a new group (yes, another one!) for an evening stroll around Briton Ferry in Neath. A bit more industrial than my usual outings, but interesting nonetheless.

Gower Walking Festival - Edgar Evans Rhossili

My final walk of the Gower Walking Festival took me to one of my favourite places in Gower; Rhossili, and it's distinctive landmark The Worm. This post is going to be especially image heavy under the cut - it's impossible to stop taking photos of this place. 
The topic of today's walk was a talk by local historian Gary Gregor, along with Gower Unearthed, on Edgar Evans, a Rhossili native who was one of the members of the final ill-fated Scott expedition to the Antarctic.

Gower Walking Festival - Castles of Gower

This is the walk I was looking forward to the most, the chance to find out more about some of the castles in Gower. I love castles, and here in Wales we have more per square mile than any other country in the world. The Gower is absolutely teeming with them, some visible, some hidden beneath shifting sands and tangled woods.

Today's walk was headed by archeologist Charles Hill along with the Gower Society, focusing on the buried castle of Penmaen, and the ruins of Pennard.

Gower Walking Festival - Moors and Manors

There have been oodles of walking festivals recently, and I've wanted to go on all of them - a walking holiday with the creature comforts of home at the end of the day? Yes please! Unfortunately I had to miss out on a lot of them (I need a walking buddy!), but the Gower Walking Festival was perfect, close enough to be an easy drive and, as I've mentioned previously, I love the landscape.

Fossil Hunting at Southerndown

When I was a kid one of my all time favourite pastimes was fossil hunting. Back then my ambition was to be a paleontologist (something I wish I had stuck to), and I was thrilled whenever I had the chance to go looking for goodies. In this area one of the best beaches for fossils is Southerndown.

Upper and Lower Lliw Reservoirs

In all honestly I didn't much feel like going out today, and definitely would have ducked out of the later pub meal had I not already confirmed I'd go months ago - if something is booked I'm not going to be a flake. 

My sat nav took me on the most awkward route possible, it seems to have a love of sending me down country lanes with blind turns when a trip along the motorway would come out in exactly the same place. That's twice in a row it's done this to me, I'll have to check the settings to see if there is some option that needs tweaking - getting lost down one way lanes is guaranteed to make me stressed and frazzled when I arrive. I've never been to the Lliw Reservoirs before, so didn't have the slightest idea what I might be in for. I was pleasantly surprised, plenty of free parking, a cafe and toilets, and a paved path between reservoirs for anyone a bit too wary to go off piste. Having seen that the planned walk was only four miles on a paved path …