Gilfach and Drymmau Mountain

A double walk today, a fairly short circular walk through the woods around Gilfach, followed by a longer walk up Drymmau Mountain. 

 The first part of our walk was alongside a stream which opened out into this lovely little pool area, a perfect spot to have a sit and a bit of a paddle. 

Continuing onwards gave us views lovely open views over Gilfach and the Neath valley. 

From there it was off to the pub for a spot of lunch and a sneaky refill of the water bottles. The slope up to Drymmau mountain was fairly easy, not too steep, but god it was punishing in the heat - felt a bit like I was melting.  

A lovely old dry stone wall. These always fascinate me.

I forgot to map the first walk, rookie mistake, but here's the second leg. 


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