Gower Walking Festival - Edgar Evans Rhossili

My final walk of the Gower Walking Festival took me to one of my favourite places in Gower; Rhossili, and it's distinctive landmark The Worm. This post is going to be especially image heavy under the cut - it's impossible to stop taking photos of this place. 

The topic of today's walk was a talk by local historian Gary Gregor, along with Gower Unearthed, on Edgar Evans, a Rhossili native who was one of the members of the final ill-fated Scott expedition to the Antarctic. 

Walking around the headland and taking in the wonderful views we had an overview of Edgar's life growing up in Rhossili and his decision to join the Navy. 
Gower is dotted with beautiful hidden coves tucked away between the jutting cliffs, this one is Fall Bay, an ominous name for the rock climber dangling off one of the cliffs just out of range of my camera.
Completing our circuit of the headland, we walked up through the village, stopping to look at the blue plaque dedicated to Evans, before trekking to the top of Rhossili Down and stopping for another talk at the trig point. 
The views from the trig point are just stunning in every direction - definitely worth the effort. 
A gorgeous view of The Worm. When the tide is out you can walk right to the end - though it's a definite challenge. 
'The road goes ever on and on...'
Even facing away from the sea the rolling countryside of Gower is beautiful. 

Our walk and talk ended in the late 12th century St Mary's church, where there is a plaque and stained glass window dedicated to Evans. 
And so ends this year's Gower Walking Festival. I have to say I enjoyed it greatly, and definitely recommend it to anyone interested. There were plenty of extra walks I wanted to attend this year but didn't have the time - I'll be back for more next year!


  1. I love that stretch of coast although I've never been up to the summit of Rhossili Down, I need to correct that. Did you manage to walk as far as Mewslade Bay (the next one after Fall Bay). The Limestone cliffs there are amazing although the beach completely disappears at High Tide

    1. Hi! No, I didn't get that far along - I'll have to make sure I check that out next time. I'd love to do the whole of the Gower Coastal path when I get the time - there are so many hidden little bays.

  2. I've never been to the Gower, which is obviously a major oversight. It's high on my list of 'places to visit for walks'. Which is a very long list. I see from your introductory post that you are a relatively recent convert to the joys of walking, so you must have a similarly long list - the world is your oyster. Enjoy!

    1. I do, at the moment I want to go everywhere!


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